Getting Started


If you are ready to make a change but unsure how to get started, let me answer a few questions for you. 


Do you offer consultations?


Yes! I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to start to get to know a little bit about you so I can begin to be of help and support and let you can ask any questions you might have about how I approach my work with clients.  

In our consultations we will start to think together about what is happening for you, what your challenges are, what your goals and dreams are and how I can help you start moving forward on all of those things.  Perhaps most importantly, we'll begin to build the foundation of a supportive, real therapeutic relationship that, I'm confident, will bring the beginning seeds of meaningful change in your life. 

How often do we meet?


I typically meet with clients once a week but it can be more frequent if we decide.

Couples Counseling and Dating Therapy are most effective and efficient (and you get the most return-on-investment) when it is on a regular, weekly basis.  I will hold a specific time for you every week and we will make steady progress until you feel we've accomplished our goals.

Do you offer virtual sessions?


Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

Currently, I do in-person sessions with most of my clients at my office in San Francisco, but if you want to explore virtual sessions, feel free to let me know in our initial consultation.

How long will it take?


The process is unique to each individual or couple so the length of our work together varies greatly from person to person. But here is a general overview to consider.

Our initial in-person session will be a chance to dig deeper, asses what is going on, and create a plan to move forward. I generally plan to work for approximately 3-5 sessions and then review + evaluate our progress. I am always open to questions about where we are and what the road map looks like at any given point.  

For couples, between 12-20 sessions is a very general rule of thumb to anticipate working together.  It is very common for it to take longer, especially if there are significant challenges in your relationship. 

For individuals and dating therapy, it is a little more fluid, but a similar rule of thumb could be applied.  I generally anticipate 8-12 sessions to be our initial phase of work.  Every person is different and your trajectory is unique to your history and your goals.  

How much does it cost?


Couples Counseling

  • $175 for 50-minute Couples Counseling Sessions.

  • $265 for 75-minute Couples Counseling Sessions.

Dating & Individual Therapy

  • $160 for 50-minute Dating Therapy Sessions.

  • $240 for 75-minute Dating Therapy Sessions.

Workshops & Groups

Please inquire.

What type of payment or insurance do you accept?


I accept credit card, check and cash for payment.

I am unable to bill insurance companies.  However, if you have an insurance company that will reimburse you for therapy services, I can provide an itemized invoice for services.  

More Questions?  Feel free to book a free consultation so you can ask, or send me an email using the email link below.