Dating Coach San Francisco

Are you frustrated with dating and relationships in San Francisco?

Do you:

  • spend more time looking for a good date than dating a good guy?

  • keep meeting or getting involved with the same kind of person?

  • feel like you've been doing the same thing over and over?

  • want to stop getting ghosted by people who don't get it?

Are you tired of feeling like, "What just happened?!" or "Is there something wrong with me??" when someone disappears?  Maybe you're asking,



Dating in San Francisco is HARD! 

It seems like finding that proverbial "needle in a haystack."  It can be so frustrating and hopeless.

You swipe on the apps, get weird or rude messages, and maybe finally meet up, just to get ghosted by them after the first date, or after a couple weeks.  Seriously?

What in the hell has happened to just meeting someone that can stay in the game past dessert?  Or long enough for a first kiss or a second date?  What happened to just meeting nice, normal people?

I just want to meet someone in San Francisco who is open to a relationship. 

You just want to meet somone you share chemistry with and enjoy being with.  Someone who appreciates all you have to offer, and who doesn't flake and isn't afraid of emotions.  Someone who is actually available and can be vulnerable and real with you.

What Do You Need for Successful Dating in San Francisco? 

You google dating San Francisco and all you find are articles confirming what you already know: dating in San Francisco and finding someone open to a relationship is hard. But, you see people around you meeting people, you know it is possible to find love in SF. You aren't the kind of person who will give up on having the full life that you envision for yourself. So you start googling Dating Coach SF, best dating apps for 2018, San Francisco Matchmakers. But, is that what you really need to have the kind of healthy, long-lasting, juicy loving relationship that you want? What if there was an alternative that would make anything you tried more successful? 

Dating Therapy can help you find the kind of love you want.

I get it, it’s frustrating and painful!  Sometimes you want to give up!  I know lots of people who have felt that way.  And I’ve worked with lots of clients who have felt hopeless, frustrated, stuck and totally confused about how to deal with the Wild Wild West of dating in San Francisco.

And I’ve seen people change, grow, start to feel more themselves again, and learn the tools, skills and mindset that can change your life and help you create and attract the kind of love and partnership you’ve been wanting.   

HOW can dating therapy help me?

By looking at how you've been approaching dating + relationships and the patterns you've been repeating (without knowing it or meaning to), you can start to free yourself up from that stuck place. 

1. Identify the blocks keeping love from you.

2. Rewire your brain for love.

3. Find your perfect match.

Together, I will lead you through a specialized therapeutic process of deactivating old underlying beliefs and replacing them with new, healthier beliefs and narratives that directly relate to your dating and love life. You will learn to empower yourself to create and attract the kinds of experiences and the kind of life you've been longing for and felt so disconnected from.

Call me today for a free consultation for dating therapy in San Francisco:

(415) 797-8297.


How do I know dating therapy is worth the time, money and energy?

Talking with an experienced therapist (me) about improving your love and dating life is a commitment and investment of time, energy, and money.  Moving away from the disappointing experiences you’ve been having and towards a new, happier, more satisfying way of being and a new life is possible.  It isn’t necessarily easy, or immediate, but it is certainly worth the time and energy.  Most people can't do it alone.  We function optimally with support, safety and connection. 


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to...find all the barriers to love you have [unwittingly] built against it. Rumi

Relationship + Dating Therapy is really like investing in YOU.  Going from that old cycle of bad relationship experiences, to new, more rewarding ones feels so much better. 

I know change can be uncomfortable – it is for all of us.  But the alternative is staying in this “groundhog day” of dating disappointments - and you know how that feels.  You may be at a place where you're ready for a way out.  Maybe you're ready for the support and help needed to get out of this lonely place. 

Working with a Relationship Therapist in San Francisco is a choice to step out of the old patterns, the old feelings, and the hopelessness of not knowing what to do.  It is the first step towards real change, and it will begin a cycle of positive shift inside of and all around you.

I feel so defeated by relationships.  I’m worried nothing will be able to help me or that even if I can, it won’t change my love life.

Being single and trying over and over again to find love and partnership only to have it not work out can feel so defeating, even debilitating.  It’s common to feel hopeless and confused.  Repeated experience of rejections, disappointment and hurt can feel like it’s just too much.

The way we’re wired or “programmed” is well understood by psychologists and therapists and we now KNOW that the brain has what we call neuroplasticity.

We are capable of real change.  We aren’t powerless.  We can change our brains, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences.  Yes, it takes willingness and dedication, but it is possible. 

Part of the change depends on having good guidance and support, and part of it depends on your desire to get from where you’ve been to WHERE YOU REALLY WANT TO BE:  That place of fulfillment and happiness.  That experience of feeling loved, cared about, connected, and perhaps most importantly, worthy and lovable.  Because the truth is, YOU ARE.  I want to help you experience that truth and reality on a daily basis.


With a focused approach and the right support you can change your love life. You can create the love you want in your life.

Finding that unique loving connection with another person is one of the most important and most rewarding aspects of being human. So don't give up, let me help.

Call me today at (415) 797-8297.for your free consultation for dating therapy in San Francisco.

Ready to get started?

Removing the blocks to love is totally doable. You just need to learn how to uncover the obstacles that have been keeping love from getting to you.

It will pay off long-term in your ability to attract in the kind of relationship you know you've always wanted and deserved!  Don't put it off for another month or another year.  Start feeling better about your life and all the love you can have in it.

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