Bart Hatler, MFT - Couples Counseling + Dating Therapy

Bart Hatler, MFT - Couples Counseling + Dating Therapy


Are you ready to create the love you've always wanted?  


Whether you are in a relationship or searching for one, I want to help.


Like so many people you may be feeling:

  • frustrated

  • unappreciated

  • alone

  • maybe even like giving up.

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AS A COUPLE, are you longing for a happier relationship, a sense of security and peace of mind? Wishing you could have the well-being that comes from self-love - and knowing you're loved by your partner?

AS A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL navigating the dating world, are you longing to finally find that one unique person who sees you, gets you, and fits with you?  Are you ready to uncover the blocks keeping you from finding love?

You are not alone; whether you're struggling and frustrated in a relationship or searching for one, many of us have been there.  I've helped both couples and singles to create new and better love in their lives.  And I want to help you create the kind of love you were meant to experience.


Whether you are in a relationship or searching for one, I can help you discover how to:


Because Great Love doesn't just happen, you CREATE it.


I help couples + singles find the love they've always wanted!  

Book a free 30 minute consultation with me to see how I can help you too.


Couples Counseling + Therapy

Are you feeling frustrated, unappreciated, or even lost about what to do in your relationship?  Maybe you've even begun feeling hopeless about things.

You're not alone!  Many couples get lost on their way to a truly satisfying and fulfilling relationship.  I can help you find your way.

With dedication and practice, and the guidance of a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, you can benefit from:

  • Better Communication
  • Deeper, more meaningful connection
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem create the life you are longing to experience together.

Dating + Relationship Therapy

Are you tired of dating? Frustrated with failed relationship attempts? Lost in navigating the on-line dating world?

It's easy to start feeling hopeless about finding the partner you are longing to share life with!

Withe the specialized guidance of a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist as your Dating + Relationship Therapist, you can discover smart steps for:

  • Clearing the blocks to loving partnership
  • Changing patterns that have been sabotaging you
  • Developing effective action plans

to meet and create a relationships with the RIGHT person for YOU!

Let's Get To Know Each Other.

Let's schedule a free 15-20 minute phone consultation where we can determine what service will best meet your needs. 

Providing couples counseling and dating therapy services in San Francisco, CA 


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