Can You Find a Relationship Therapist in San Francisco that really gets what you and your partner need? 

Relationship Therapist in San Francisco, Specializing in Couples Counseling

Relationship Therapist in San Francisco, Specializing in Couples Counseling

You live a great life in an amazing city. You felt lucky when you found a person, a partner, that you truly wanted to spend time with and build some history with. But lately, questions are being raised, conflicts are lingering, and you don't have the answers. 

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, highs and lows... but when do you know when you should end it? How do you know if you should totally commit to this person? Just moving in to someone's place in San Francisco could mean losing that awesome lease that you know you'll never be able to replace. 

Part of you feels like you just need better communication skills, but you sort of can't imagine that there is some communication strategy that is going to magically make the fighting stop. Right now it feels impossible to find the win-win, and like it is a zero sum game. 

My name is Bart Hatler and I am a psychotherapist in SF who specializes in helping you and your partner find the kind of deep, passionate connection that you deep down desire. When you learn to tap into the kind of deep connection that goes beyond great friends, it changes the entire game. 

The truth is, while this city is amazing, it also breeds a kind of anxiety that permeates every area of our lives. And that anxiety can truly keep you from connecting in a great relationship, leaving an unhealthy dynamic, or just stuck in conflict or disconnection that eats away at you day by day. 

I am a relationship therapist in San Francisco that provide couple’s counseling and dating therapy that meets you and your partner where you are at. We will look at each of your deep down desires,  so that you have the insight you need to really *know* what you want, and what to do. Then I teach you how to use that information to create a day-to-day life with your partner that you are excited to come home to, and that you miss when you are away at work. 

Relationship Therapist San Francisco

Call me at (415) 797-8297 for a free 15 minute phone consultation and let's dive in to how I can help you and your partner get to the relationship you deep down in your belly want. Specialties include working with anxiety, conflict, professional couples, tech couples, married and engaged couples, surviving infidelity, and ambivalent couples. 

Ready to Find Out What Your Relationship Really Needs?


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Are you feeling disconnected from your partner? Do you feel unappreciated and misunderstood?  

Many couples find themselves in similar situations, but you can discover how to reconnect.  And together, you can create an even better relationship than before!

I know that it can feel overwhelming, I've see it in my clients often. But with the right tools and support, you CAN create a newer, better life together! 

Click the button below, take 5 minutes and take the assessment on your own. If you feel comfortable and ready, maybe ask your partner to do the same, and see if you are both on the same page. In my office, this assessment often is a great jumping off point to get clarity beyond just "we need to stop fighting" or "we need to communicate better" or "you need to stop being such a **&(#." 

What does the path of reconnecting look like?

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1. Find out how you got here

Discover what happened, how you got here, and what each of your contributions have been to this disappointing place of disconnection.

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2. Learn new ways to relate 

Identify what skills and tools you need  to reframe and understand your relationship from a more supportive and more effective point of view. 

3. Create the love you want

Learn communication styles and skills to help you develop a map of each other’s intimate inner worlds and keep your relationship on course.

Call me today for a free consultation for couples counseling in San Francisco: (415) 797-8297.


Good relationships don’t just happen, we need to learn how to become good partners by learning how to invest in your relationship with regular deposits in each other’s “emotional bank account.”

It will pay off long-term in your ability to enjoy each other in the good times and navigate the challenges that are a normal part of every relationship.

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